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Files Show Good Work Record For Deputy Who Fatally Shot 16-Year-Old Boy

Franklin County Sheriff's Office

As the Franklin County Sheriff’s office continues to investigate the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old boy at the courthouse, the Franklin County deputy involved in the incident has returned from administrative leave.

Personnel records show consistently good work habits by Richard Scarborough, who fatally shot Joseph Haynes during a fight outside a juvenile courtroom on January 17. According to the file, Scarborough has met or exceeded expectations for dealing with demanding situations since his hiring 10 years ago.

A note from his most recent evaluation in 2016 says Scarborough "does not get out of control." Scarborough previously worked for the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

The file, released Monday through an open records request, says Scarborough was on paid administrative leave from Thursday until Monday.

Authorities say Scarborough fatally shot Haynes after an "altercation" broke out when he was escorting the boy and his mother from the courtroom. Haynes was attending a hearing for a charge of menacing with a firearm.

Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin said Friday that Scarborough was knocked to the ground, came under attack and fired his gun, hitting the boy. Family members say that Haynes was trying to defend his mother after Scarborough grabbed her.

Haynes died a half hour later at the Grant Medical Center. His grandmother has said the deputy should have used a stun gun, and family members have called for his firing. The local police union representing Scarborough says the deputy was fighting for his life.

Video released Friday didn't capture the shooting but shows other deputies and then rescuers rushing to the scene. Authorities say they’re having a difficult time collecting information in the case.