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Jerry Springer Says He'll Avoid Drama Of Ohio Governor Race

The Jerry Springer Show

Ohio Democrats will not chanting “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” any time soon.

TV talk show host and former Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer has decided to stay out of the 2018 Ohio governor's race.

Springer announced his decision in his weekly podcast Wednesday in northern Kentucky. The 73-year-old former news anchorman has hosted "The Jerry Springer Show" for 26 years. It's a raucous show with public airings of guests' personal dramas.

Springer says as "a husband, father and grandfather," he wasn't ready for a five-year commitment of campaigning and serving.

A half-dozen other Democrats are running or considering runs for the 2018 nomination.

Springer was a Cincinnati councilman and survived a prostitution scandal to become mayor in the 1970s.

He ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic governor nomination in 1982 and has contemplated other statewide runs in more recent years.