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Central Ohio Dealer Joins Growing Car Subscription Industry

The app-based Drive Germain will give higher-end customer unlimited access to 18 different vehicles.

Do you need a gas-friendly commuter car during the week and a pickup truck for weekend projects, but you don’t want to own both?

That’s the target demographic for Drive Germain, a new app-based car subscription service launched by Germain Automotive Group this week.

For the steep price tag of $1,000 a month, customers can choose between 18 different high-end cars, trucks, and SUVs as often as they want. Selections range from the family-friendly Honda Odyssey minivan, the Mercedes C Class sedan, the Lexus RC200t sports car, and the Ford F-150 pickup truck.

The company says it will soon offer a $1,400-a-month “elite” membership that will include unlimited access to more-luxurious cars.

Vehicle subscription services have become increasingly popular as car makers try to get in on the sharing economy, but services at the dealership level haven’t been as common. The Cadillac subscription service known as Book charges customers $1,500 per month and lets them swap vehicles up to 18 times a year.

Some plans, like the Ford-backed company Canvas, only offer service in some parts of the country.

Other tech start-up have also used more moderately-priced vehicles to attract customers. Carma, for example, offers less-luxurious sedans like the Honda Accord and Chevy Cruz in plans starting at $349 a month.