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Ohio Bill Would Make It Easier To Regain Revoked Driver's Licenses

Ohio Drivers' License
Ohio Department of Public Safety

Two state lawmakers from Cleveland – a Democrat and a Republican – have proposed a bill that would help some of the million Ohioans who have lost their driver's licenses for committing a crime but can’t afford the fines to get them back.

Democratic Rep. John Barnes Jr. says he thinks many of those million or so people are still driving. But he says there’s a real economic impact on the state regarding those who aren’t.

“A lot of people have had sustained unemployment as a direct result of not having a driver’s license,” Barnes Jr. said.

The bill Barnes is sponsoring with Republican Dave Greenspan would apply only to those who are non-violent offenders who weren’t facing drug, alcohol or sex-related charges. They’d have to have gone a year and a half since their licenses were suspended and have to have completed all court sanctions.

Those charged with multiple offenses could pay the lowest fee, those charged with one crime could pay half the cost, and people who can prove indigence would have their fees waived entirely.