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Kasich Shoots Down Rumors About Unity Presidential Ticket

Ohio Gov. John Kasich

Although he's been working with a Democratic governor on what the pair call a bipartisan fix to the nation's health insurance markets, Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich says people should not expect him to join John Hickenlooper on the 2020 ballot.

Kasich put the rumors to bed on Sunday, telling Chuck Todd on NBC's Meet the Press that "the answer is no."

"Because Hickenlooper and I work together, cynics out there say 'Well they want something.' Because we want to stabilize health care and make sure poor people have something, people assume there's a motive," Kasich said.

The health care proposal will flesh out a set of principles the two men wrote about in an op-ed in The Washington Post, in which they said another one-party health care plan is "doomed to fail," just like the Republican plans considered this year. In the op-ed, they asserted that the best place to start reform efforts is "to restore stability to our nation's health insurance system."

Kasich went to lengths to portray himself as a moderate during last year’s Republican presidential primaries. He recently called President Trump's response to violence at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia "pathetic."