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Statue Of Pro-Slavery Ohio Governor Finds Home In Chillicothe Museum

Statue of former Governor William Allen.
Architect of the Capitol
The statue Gov. William Allen was removed from the U.S. Capitol and replaced with one of Thomas Edison.

One of the two statues representing Ohio in Congress’ Statuary Hall was removed last year because of its subject’s views on slavery.

With the current focus on the removal of Confederate statues, there are some questions about what happens to it now.

The statue of Democratic Gov. William Allen, who served from 1874 to 1876, represented Ohio in Statuary Hall starting in 1887. But Allen’s pro-slavery views led lawmakers to vote to replace the statue in 2012.

According to the Ohio History Connection, Allen was a vocal advocate of the United States' westward expansion and critic of Abraham Lincoln.

Last year it was moved to Chillicothe, where Allen died in 1879. Chillicothe Mayor Luke Feeney is also a Democrat, and he says the statue will stay at the Ross County Historical Society.

“From being on display in the Capitol to a museum where it’s not as prominently displayed, it’s not as much of an honoring of the man as it is a reflection of our history," Feeney says.

Allen’s statue was replaced with one of inventor Thomas Edison, who was chosen in a statewide contest.