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Ohio EPA's Battle With Rover Pipeline Builder Escalates

Ohio EPA
The scene at an Rover Pipeline spill in Stark County, Ohio.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is turning to Ohio’s Attorney General to settle its issues with the parent company of the Rover Pipeline project.

State EPA Director Craig Butler says his agency can’t come to terms with Energy Transfer Partners on clean-up costs and fines for environmentally damaging accidents its crews have had while building its Rover pipeline across Ohio.

So, he is asking the state Attorney General to take over pursuit of a settlement, or to take Energy Transfer Partners to court.

“It is very infrequently that you get a company that frankly reacts the way that Energy Transfer Partners has to us -- which is basically a stiff arm to the state of Ohio, saying, ‘We don’t care what problems we cause. We’re just marching across Ohio, and we are not really concerned about the environmental impact.”

Energy Transfer Partners spokeswoman Alexis Daniel says the company does not comment directly on pending legal matters.

But she says, “I can tell you we will continue to discuss these matter with the Ohio EPA in hopes of resolving all outstanding issues.”