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Ohio Gets 185 Medical Marijuana Growing Applications

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The window to apply to become growers under Ohio’s medical marijuana program has closed, with the state receiving 185 applications – all with nonrefundable fees attached.

The state received 109 applications for the bigger licenses, operating cultivation areas up to 25,000 square feet. The remaining 76 applications were for growing areas of 3,000 square feet. Up to twelve licenses may be awarded for both levels of operations.

Not much is known about the applicants, since no locations are listed. But applicants for the larger licenses each paid $20,000 in nonrefundable fees, and the successful operators will have to pay $200,000 each year.

The smaller cultivators would pay a tenth of that. No word on when the operations will be chosen, but the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program is set to be fully up and running in September 2018.