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Ohio State Renews Lease With Wendy's, Despite Protests

Esther Honig
Students rallied with Immokalee workers last October to demand that OSU end its contract with Wendy's.

For the last three years, students at Ohio State University have pushed their school to end a lease with fast food giant Wendy's. In May, university officials emailed a student group to tell them that, despite opposition, they had renewed the lease for another three years.

In dozens of protests, including a week-long fast last semester, the Student Farmworker Alliance demanded that OSU cut ties with Wendy's. The company has refused to join the Fair Food Program, a labor organization that protects agricultural workers from human rights violations.

OSU officials promised not to renew Wendy's lease until the company had resolved student concerns by changing their labor practices.

In the email, OSU officials said they are confident that Wendy's current code of conduct ensures workers are in safe and appropriate conditions.