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Speaker Tackled During Anti-Trump Rally At OSU Student Union (Update)

YouTube/The Lantern
Video shows Shane Stanton, 24, tackling a speaker during an anti-Donald Trump rally in the OSU student union Monday afternoon.

Video appears to show a man tackling a speaker during an anti-Donald Trump rally in the Ohio State University student union on Monday.

The OSU student newspaper The Lantern posted the video late Monday.


OSU Police say student Shane Stanton, 24, shoved the man - Tim Adams of the International Socialist Organization in Columbus - down a flight of stairs during the rally at the Columbus campus.

Stanton is charged him with a misdemeanor count of assault after video shows him throwing himself into the protester, sending the man hurtling down the steps.

However,a subsequent article from The Lanternreported that Adams has learned additional information about Stanton and is working to drop charges.

“Since last night, however, we have learned that the man, an OSU student, is not a right-wing activist and was himself upset by the Trump election," read a statement released by Adams's organization. "We have received further information we will not disclose to protect the man’s privacy, but which has made us confident he should not face charges for the action."

Adams did not suffer serious injuries. He was giving was giving a speech from a staircase landing in the student union building on North High Street when the incident occurred shortly before 6 p.m. 

Credit Esther Honig
Around 200 students protested at the Student Union on Monday evening.

University president Michael Drake said in an email last weekend that OSU protects First Amendment rights actively but does not tolerate intimidation or threats to students, faculty or campus visitors.

Stanton posted bail for assault charges on Tuesday morning.

Updated November 11, 4:02 PM.