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Columbus City Leaders, Police Union Sign Off On Body Camera Rules

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Columbus has yet to annouce a camera vendor.

Police in Columbus can review body camera footage before they file reports or make statements under newly agreed upon rules.

Columbus officials released their agreement with the police union on Thursday.

Union officials say the deal represents a win-win scenario. They say neither side received everything they wanted.

Click the play button below to hear the police perspective in a conversation with Columbus Deputy Police Chief Michael Woods.

City officials say body cameras strengthen relationships between police and community, reduce police use of force and reduce citizen complaints against officers.

The American Civil Liberties Union has opposed letting officers see body camera footage before filing reports. The group says body cameras don't always capture every detail and officers can omit information that isn't recorded.

The agreement also says officers should turn on their cameras during "an enforcement action" such as an arrest. It also lays out discipline if officers fail to turn on a camera.

The first officers are expected to be equipped with body cameras by the end of this year, although the program could take up to three years to be fully implemented.