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Columbus City Council President Klein Works To Allocate Funds For Overdose Reversal Drug

Sam Hendren
89.7 NPR News

Columbus City Council President Zach Klein visited a North High Street health agency Tuesday to view efforts to help treat those addicted to drugs.  At Equitas Health, Klein was given a demonstration on the use of the nasal spray version of Naloxone, the overdose reversal drug.

But Klein says Naloxone alone is not enough.

“We have to follow up with treatment.  We have to give people the opportunity to get the treatment they need to pull themselves out of the cycle of addiction that sometimes can lead to the cycle of incarceration that can rip families apart and destroy our community,” Klein said.

Klein is sponsoring legislation that will provide the agency with $10,000 to help it acquire more overdose reversal medications. Columbus Public Health is also providing Equitas with another $10,000.

That $20,000 will allow Equitas to acquire 400 Naloxone doses.