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Kasich Meets With Obama, Voices Support For TPP

Ohio Governor John Kasich met with President Obama at the White House in a show of support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Governor John Kasich met with President Obama Friday to show his support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP.

Talking with reporters after the event, the Ohio Republican said it's unrealistic to think the two political parties shouldn't work together to solve big issues facing the country,
"The idea that I'm a Republican and therefore I can't work with Democrats or you're a Democrat and you can't work with Republicans? How does anybody think that the issues of  debt, social security, Medicare, health care, any of these issues are going to be resolved when we spend all of our time fighting with one another," the Governor told reporters today.
Governor Kasich says the TPP will create new markets for products and services made by Ohio workers and companies.