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Columbus Gets F On State School Report Cards; Suburban Schools See A Drop In Scores

The Columbus Public School District ranked poorly on state report cards issued Thusday.

The latest round of report cards for Ohio schools are out. The Columbus Public School District fared poorly receiving an F in all but one category.

The district received a failing grade in the overall student achievement and annual progress.

It also scored an F in so-called gap closing...that is the extent to which students in different ethnic, racial, income and disability groups received an equal education.

The district received a D  in the Prepared for Success ranking.

To put those rankings in perspective, no school district in Franklin County got an A on achievement. 

Fifteen of 19 area school districts got an F on "gap closing." Many districts that have done well in the past received D's and F's in some categories this year.

For the state's charter schools the news was even worse. Of 279 charter schools across the state, 50 got F's in all categories. 

Scores were expected to drop this year after the state toughened standards.

To check the scores of other districts, click here.