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The OSU Van: One Family's Quest To Restore A Relic

To many people, a 1977 Chevy conversion van might not mean much. To James Rinehart, it was a childhood relic worth hours of searching online and thousands of dollars in repairs.

Rinehart spent much of his childhood in the van being shuffled to softball games, family vacations, and Ohio State football games. It was painted OSU colors and adorned with block letters, stickers, and even flag pole holders to waive the Buckeye colors on game day.

As he grew older and needed to downsize, James' father Dennis sold the van, but he often regretted that decision. So for Dennis’ wedding anniversary, James used the internet to hunt down and buy back the van.


But it wasn’t the same tailgating machine. It was full of rust and mechanical issues, so James is going back to the internet for help: He’s using a Go Fund Me account to try to make the van once again tailgate worthy.

For WOSU’s sports show After the Score, Steve Brown and Thomas Bradley sat down with James and Dennis to talk about their efforts.

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