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Prince Albert Tells Climate Deniers To 'Open Their Eyes'

Thomas Bradley
Prince Albert II of Monacco stands on the 50-yard-line of Ohio Stadium during his visit to campus to talk about sustainability.

The Prince of Monacco, Prince Albert the second, was on campus today at The Ohio State University to talk sustainability, the environment and climate change.

Prince Albert’s Gas company, Venturi, has a partnership with the Buckeye Bullet, a series of high performance electric vehicle that have topped 300 miles per hour.

In an appearance at Ohio Stadium, Prince Albert had a message for politicians in the United States who deny the existence of Climate change.

"I think they need to see the data and to open their eyes, because there are some very pressing issues that need to be dealt with in a collaborative way, with other countries, and with other stakeholders and with other institutions, and if we all work together we'll be able to achieve tangible results," Prince Albert said.

Prince Albert, a former Olympian himself in the Bobsled, met with 3 Ohio State olympic athletes, including gold-medal winner in wrestling, Kyle Snyder.