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Latest Independent Poll Says Clinton, Trump Still Tied In Ohio

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
New Hampshire Public Radio

Despite an increasing number of campaign stops and television ads, nothing has changed in the race for Ohio’s 18 presidential delegates in the last month.

That’s according to the latest independent pollfrom Quinnipiac University, which says presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her Republican counterpart Donald Trump are still tied in Ohio. The latest poll says each candidate has the support of 41 percent of Ohio voters.

They were tied at 40 percent support each in a June Quinnipiac poll.

According to Quinnipiac:

“Gender and racial gaps continue to divide Ohio voters. Men back Trump 47 - 33 percent, while women go to Clinton 48 - 35 percent. White voters go Republican 46 - 35 percent, while non-white voters go Democratic 69 - 15 percent. “Trump leads 77 - 6 percent among Republicans and 43 - 31 percent among independent voters, while Democrats back Clinton 90 - 4 percent. “Ohio voters give Clinton a negative 35 - 60 percent favorability rating, and give Trump a negative 34 - 59 percent.”

The poll also says the 59 percent of Ohio voters say they’re “falling further and further behind economically.” Seventy-three percent says “the old ways don’t work and it’s time for radical change.”

The Swing State Poll says Trump holds a three-point lead over Clinton in Florida, and a two-point lead in Pennsylvania. Both of those leads are within the poll's margin of error.