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New Exhibit Celebrates Poindexter Village

An early shot of Poindexter Village in Columbus, Ohio
Columbus Historical Society
An early shot of Poindexter Village

An exhibit to remember the one of the first public housing developments in the state is planned for this weekend in Columbus.

Poindexter Village was located on the city's eastside in a neighborhood named the "Blackberry Patch."

Jeff Lefever of the Columbus Historical Society says the village was created to accommodate the city's growing African-American population.

“With the influx of the migration, the poor living conditions that people were in the government came in and decided to help and build more substantial housing. It had steam heat and brand new stoves and solid brick structures and good places for people to live in,” Lafever explained.

Lefever says the exhibit will open to the public on Sunday at the Historical Society at COSI. It is scheduled to run for a year.

Hear Marilyn Smith's conversation with Jeff Lafever.