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New Poll Finds Nearly Half Of Ohio Voters Want Kasich Out Of The Presidential Race

Ohio Gov. John Kasich campaigning for president
Thomas Bradley
A majority of Ohio Republican voters say Kasich should get out of the presidential race.

A new PPP poll says nearly half of Ohio voters think it's time for Governor John Kasich to drop out of the presidential race.

The poll says the numbers are more dramatic among Republicans 59 percent of G-O-P voters think it's time for Kasich to step aside.

Kasich has won only one state in the primary and caucus contests and is trailing in the delegate count behind frontrunner Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

The poll says the governor's approval rating among voters has dropped from 54 percent in March down to 46 this month.

In its latest poll PPP found the Ohio Senate race remains very tight with both Republican Rob Portman and Democrat Ted Strickland at 38 percent with 23 percent of voters undecided.

The poll points to a vacancy on the Supreme Court as an issue that could hurt Portman. Fifty-three percent of voters want to see the seat filled. Portman says thinks the next president should make the appointment.