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OSU Political Scientist Says Kasich Presidential Campaign Appears To Be Over

Ohio Gov. John Kasich campaigning for president
Thomas Bradley
An OSU Political Scientist says it looks like the Kasich presidential race is nearing an end.

Ohio Republican John Kasich continues his presidential campaign today despite losing to Donald Trump yesterday in five Mid-Atlantic states yesterday, including his home state of Pennsylvania.

The governor has moved his campaign to Oregon and California after entering an agreement with fellow Republican Ted Cruz not to campaign in Indiana before its primary May 3rd.

Ohio State Political Scientist Paul Beck says Kasich's campaign is essentially over.

"I don't think Governor Kasich helps himself at this point by staying in. And he may run the risk of embarrassing himself that would impact his political career if he has aspirations to do something else either run for President again, run for the Senate in 2018 or whatever. He begins to look not so good coming out of this particularly after yesterday," Beck said.

Beck called Kasich's deal with Ted Cruz to stay out of Indiana a bad deal for the Governor.

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