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More Players Leaving OSU Basketball Team

JaQuan Lyle/Twitter
From left: A.J. Harris, JaQuan Lyle, Mickey Mitchell, Daniel Giddens, and Austin Grandstaff. Only Lyle remains on the team.

Last summer, the five recruits for the Ohio State men's basketball team were seen as one of the best recruiting classes in the nation. Less than one year later, just one of those five players remains.

One day after freshman center Daniel Giddens requested permission to transfer, Mickey Mitchell and A.J. Harris on Tuesday made the same request.

If they follow through with plans to leave the program, the three players would join Austin Grandstaff, who left the basketball team last December.

JaQuan Lyle would be the only remaining player from the 2015 class. He tweeted this week that he is "not going anywhere."