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Trump Draws Thousands To Port Columbus Rally Tuesday

Donald Trump speaks to supporters at Port Columbus

Approximately 4,000 people gave Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a rousing welcome at a Port Columbus hangar just after noon today. 

Trump hammered on major themes of his campaign: blasting fellow republicans Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, the policies of the Obama Administration, and trade imbalance. 

Protesters were escorted out at times to which Trump responded:

“Do we love our police?  They do such a great job.  They do such a great job,” Trump said.  “They are so under appreciated.  And do we love our vets?  We’re going to take care of our vets, folks.  And we’re going to rebuild our military, it’s so depleted.  We’re going to rebuild out military.”

Trump hinted he'll be back in Ohio to campaign again before the state's March 15 primary.