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Monkey On Loose Spotted Third Time

Flickr: Albuquerque BioPark
A third person reports seeing what may be a Howler Monkey in northeast Columbus.

Reports of a monkey on the loose has been spotted again….this time on Stonehenge Drive, three miles south of where it was first seen late last week. 

Minerva Park Police Chief Kim Nuesse said a third person has reported seeing a monkey. This time, a picture was taken of the animal.

“I saw the picture and I could not make out what it was distinctly," Nuesse said. 

A Minerva Park police officer first spotted the monkey, last Thursday. Then a postal worker spotted it. From the officer’s description, it could be a Howler monkey. The State Agriculture Department set up trail cameras during the weekend to try to capture an image of it.

The temperature is expected to considerably drop this week, and Nuesse said that makes the search more critical.

“The monkey could go into an attic or some other shed or other location to try to get warm," she said. 

Nuesse said no one has reported a lost monkey. She said someone may have had it illegally. The state prohibits residents owning exotic animals, including monkeys.

Nuesse said the search will continue until it’s found or there are no more sightings.