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Loaded Gun Found At Port Columbus Checkpoint

Transportation Security Administration
TSA agents discovered this loaded Smith & Wesson pistol inside a passenger's carry-on bag at Port Columbus.

The Transportation Security Administration says agents found a loaded gun inside a carry-on bag at Port Columbus on Wednesday.

TSA spokesman Mark Howell says the gun was a Smith & Wesson 9 millimeter pistol.

Howell says depending on the circumstances local police don't always prosecute such cases, but he says TSA can dole out its own punishment.

"On the outside of whatever happens with local law enforcement, TSA can and almost always does, issue a civil penalty to those passengers with a mex of $7500 on the first offense," Howell explained.

Howell says authorities discovered a total of 14 firearms at Port Columbus last year.

You can listen to 89.7's Marilyn Smith's conversation with TSA spokesman Mark Howell.