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Central Ohioans Keep Travel Plans To Latin America

Zika Virus

The Zika Virus has affected thousands of people in Latin America. But that hasn’t stopped many Central Ohioans from going forward with travel plans. 

For now, 27 Ohio State University students plan to travel to Guatemala and Costa Rica this spring to help impoverished communities despite the threat of Zika.

OSU Student Life’s Dave Isaacs said the university will monitor the situation.

“If it changes in such a way that the risks are higher, then we would absolutely reevaluate what our plans are," Isaacs said. 

Uniglobe Travel owner Elizabeth Blount McCormick said a few people have canceled plans, including two pregnant women.

People still want to travel the world…When the incident happened in Paris we didn’t have anyone cancel to go to Europe," Blount McCormick said. 

The Zika virus is linked to brain deformities in babies. It’s mostly spread through mosquito bites. 

Currently, the CDC recommends pregnant women, or those planning to become pregnant, do not travel to affected countries.