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Ohio's Chief Election Officer Announces Election Prep Plans

Voting booths

The state’s chief election officer says the time is now to get ready for the role Ohio will play as a battleground presidential state. 

Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted told a statewide gathering of elections officials that this fall’s vote will be watched by the world and by attorneys for both major political parties. So, Husted said his office has been working to update voter rolls, which he says are more accurate than ever.

“We have complete records on more than 90% of voters, up from 20% in January 2011.  Since January 2011, more than 440,000 deceased Ohioans from the rolls, working to make sure that we keep the voter rolls up to date," said Husted.

Husted said he’ll also be working on recruiting more poll workers and expanding the use of electronic pollbooks – now used in less than half of Ohio’s 88 counties.