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Coleman Gives A Final Farewell Thursday Afternoon

Michael Coleman
Columbus on the Record
Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman gives a last goodbye Thursday afternoon.

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman’s last day in the City Hall’s top seat is Thursday. 

If Coleman's last goodbye is anything like his state of the city addresses, it will be energetic and filled with memorable one-liners and a few touching moments.

Coleman took office in 2000 after defeating Republican Dorothy Teater. He was the city’s first African American mayor.

Re-elected three times, Coleman now is Columbus’ longest-serving mayor.

Much of Coleman’s tenure centered on Downtown’s revitalization, creating a city core that’s a more appealing place to live, work and be entertained.

The recession elicited tough calls:  furloughed workers and hiring freezes. But Coleman waged a successful income tax increase campaign during the financial crisis which staved off further budget cuts.

The mayor faced defeat, though, when voters rejected a Columbus City School levy he backed in an effort to help reform the district plagued by scandal.

Now 60-years-old, Coleman returns to Ice Miller to direct the law firm’s business and government strategies.

Coleman’s successor, Andrew Ginther, will be sworn in Thursday night.