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Ohio Senator Rob Portman Calls For Better Vetting of Syrian Refugees

Republican U. S. Senator Rob Portman says there are gaps in the government's intelligence on Syrian refugees.

Ohio U.S. Senator Rob Portman says he wants a better vetting system before Syrian refugees are allowed in the country.

Portman says he was told by the director of the FBI that there are gaps in federal intelligence since there are no agents in Syria gathering information. 

Portman says the U.S. needs to deal with the root problems in Syria that have caused 4-million people to flee their country.

“The government of Assad is barrel-bombing his own people. He’s killed 250-thousand of his own people.  That ISIS is persecuting people in areas that they control. And those are things that we ought to be addressing, “Portman said.

Portman also called for a measure to tighten up the visa waiver program. That program allows travelers from certain countries to visit the United States without a visa.