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Ohio Elections Chief Backs Redistricting Issue On Ballot

Ohio Secretary of State
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

Ohio's elections chief, a long-time advocate for changes to how the state draws its political districts, is backing a proposed overhaul of the process on the fall ballot.

Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted says in a statement he's supporting Issue 1 on Nov. 3 because he believes it will "ensure a fair and transparent process for drawing legislative lines."

Ohio House and Senate districts are redrawn to reflect population shifts every 10 years, a process called redistricting.

The fate of a bipartisan plan passed by state lawmakers in December is up to voters. It calls for a seven-member commission made up of the governor, secretary of state, auditor and four legislative appointees to draw the lines. Two minority-party votes would be necessary for adoption of a final map.