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Bellefontaine Woman Say She Killed Three Sons "To Protect Daughter"

Logan County Jail
Logan County prosecutor William Goslee says the 23-year-old mother admitted suffocating the boys.

Police say a Bellefontaine woman has confessed to killing her three young sons over the past several months because her husband ignored their daughter.

Police in Bellefontaine say Brittany Pilkington is charged with three counts of murder. They say she reported Tuesday one son wasn't breathing and later confessed to killing him and two others.

Three-month-old Noah died Tuesday. Four-year-old Gavin died in April. Three-month-old Niall died in July 2014.

Logan County prosecutor William Goslee says the mother admitted suffocating the boys. He says in her mind "she was protecting her daughter from being not as loved as the boys were by their father."

Their three-year-old daughter is with a child welfare agency.

The mother has been jailed. No working telephone number for the family's home can be found. No attorney information is available for her.