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Investigator To Look Into Marijuana Petition Signatures


The state’s top elections official says the group backing a marijuana legalization plan may be breaking the rules when it comes to gathering signatures for its ballot issue.

Secretary of State Jon Husted says the number of signatures ResponsibleOhio is claiming it collected electronically isn’t matching the number it turned in on hard-copy petitions. And, Husted said there have been complaints to local boards of elections that signature gatherers have been breaking the rules, such as knowingly getting signatures from non-registered voters and even children.

Husted has already gone on record as being opposed to the initiative. But he says this issue is simply about following the law, so he’s calling for an official investigation.

“And they have in this entire process been acting in a manner that raises legitimate questions at the local level,” said Husted.

ResponsibleOhio’s Ian James put out a strongly worded statement saying they have followed the law. The group fell short of valid signatures and has a second chance to get the right amount.