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Flag Lady Discontinues Confederate Flag Sales

The Confederate flag is no longer available at the The Flag Lady's Flag store in Clintonville.

Vice President of the business Lori Leavitt Watson said up until yesterday she had decided to continue to carry the flag.

That was before she knew of the backlash against a move in South Carolina where elected officials want to remove the Confederate flag from the Statehouse grounds.

Watson says a surge of internet sales in a two hour period yesterday changed her mind.

“I’m calling each one of them personally and telling them we will not fill the order and our apologies for doing so and refunding their money, “  Lori Leavitt Watson explained

Watson said she had previously sold only about 6 Confederate flags a year to history buffs or civil war re-enactors.

While the Flag Lady's internet store says sales of the flag have been indefinitely discontinued Watson says she can't foresee a time when she’ll carry it in her store again.