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Ohio Casinos See Minimal Gains In May

Monthly revenue totals reveal state casinos saw slight revenue gains, in May.

Ohio’s casinos saw few gains last month. Compared to 2014, revenue is relatively flat. 

The Columbus casino was the only one of the state’s four to experience a slight decrease in revenue last month. The Hollywood Casino Columbus brought in roughly $18.4 million dollars, a one percent drop compared to April.

But the other casinos didn’t fare much better. Cincinnati’s casino had the highest revenue gain, five percent, from April to May. Cleveland saw a four percent revenue increase, while Toledo was relatively flat with a one percent bump.

Statewide, revenue totaled $71 million dollars in May, up slightly over April.

Compared to this time last year, revenue is mostly down across the board. Only Cleveland and Toledo had better revenue outcomes this May compared to 2014.

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