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Summer Months Deadliest For Teen Drivers

State Farm
AAA says summer is the deadliest time of the year for teen drivers.

AAA Ohio says the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day are known as the "100 deadliest days" for teen drivers.

AAA spokeswoman Kimberly Schwind says while a dangerous time of the year on Ohio roadways, Ohio's graduated licensing laws have made teens better drivers overall.

"They can only at 16, carry one passenger that's not a family member. There's nighttime driving restrictions. So, basically trying to take the riskiest elements out of driving as teens learn this complex behavior of driving."

Schwind says in 2013, 29 teen drivers died in Ohio. But she says, they're not only putting themselves in danger. The majority of people killed, 66 percent, in crashes involving a teen driver are people other than the teen driver.

Still, Schwind credits Ohio's graduated licensing laws for reducing teen-related accidents overall since 1994.

You can listen to Marilyn Smith's conversation with Kimberly Schwind of AAA Ohio.