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Clintonville Parents Warn Of Stroller Thefts

Mandie Trimble
Samara Rafert looks at a picture of the type of stroller stolen from her front porch in Clintonville.

Parents in Clintonville are safeguarding their baby strollers.  They report a rash of stroller-thefts in recent weeks.

“Until the last couple of days pretty much everyone left their strollers on their porches," said Samara  Rafert. 

Rafert said her baby stroller was taken from her front porch sometime early Monday morning. Rafert went online to warn others and discovered she wasn’t the only one. A quick look at two Clintonville Facebook forums shows about a dozen comments about theft.

“Just don’t take it for granted that your things will not go missing," she said. 

The children’s consignment shop Once Upon A Child has warned its local stores to look for people selling multiple strollers.

As for Rafert, she’s getting a new stroller, thanks to a woman in Indiana who saw her story on-line.

“And it’s actually a much nicer stroller than the one we had stolen," Rafert smiled. 

Rafert said she’ll lock this one up.

Columbus Police say there’s no investigation into the rash of thefts.