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Franklin County Prosecutor Seeks Second Opinion In Double Fatality Case

Photo of an accident scene where a truck struck a school bus and killed two pedestrians in downtown Columbus, Ohio on December 12, 2014
Jo Ingles
Ohio Public Radio
A truck driven by Terrance Trent caused the death of two pedestrians at Broad and High in downtown Columbus on December 12, 2014.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien says he'll seek a second opinion in the case of 62 year old Terrance Trent. Trent is accused of causing two pedestrian fatalities at Broad and High last December. 

A Franklin County judge today ruled that Trent shows signs of dementia and is incompetent to stand trial. O'Brien says he'll pursue the case.

"We asked to get a second opinion which we're entitled to do when the first opinion concludes that the defendant is incompetent," says O'Brien.

O'Brien says the second evaluation takes about three weeks. It will determine whether Trent understands the charges against him and whether he can help his lawyer prepare a defense. Another hearing in the case is set for June 1.

Trent was driving a truck which rammed a school bus at Broad and High. The impact pushed the bus into a sidewalk, killing two pedestrians. The victims were 21 year old Stephanie Fibelkorn and 58 year old William Lewis.