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Ohio AG Certifies Petition For Marijuana Legalization Issue

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Ballot proposal language from ResponsibleOhio has been approved by the Ohio Attorney General. The proposal now goes to the Ohio Ballot Board.(Photo: Blind noman)

A marijuana legalization effort in Ohio has cleared a key governmental hurdle.

Attorney General Mike DeWine on Friday certified ResponsibleOhio’s petition for the proposed amendment and cleared summary petition language as fair and truthful. The measure goes next to the Ohio Ballot Board.

ResponsibleOhio foresees getting the amendment before voters this year or next. It would legalize the sale of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use and create authorized growing sites across the state.

DeWine, a Republican, noted that Friday’s action was procedural and didn’t address “the advisability of the approval or rejection of the measure to be referred.” He and other statewide elected officials oppose the amendment.

The opposition group Drug Free Action Alliance said the measure is backed by a “pot cartel” whose only motivation is greed.