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Labor Dispute At West Coast Ports Reduces Ohio Honda Production

Production has been cut back at four Ohio Honda plants due to an on-going labor dispute at West Coast shipping ports. Production was called off completely on Monday. Honda said it has tried to get parts shipped to some of its most critical plants to maintain production lines, but the West Coast labor dispute has taken its toll. Many parts come out of the West Coast ports. “We have notified our associates that the situation will likely impact our operations from February 16 through February 23," Honda spokesman Chris Abbruzzese said. Abbruzzese said auto plants in Marysville and East Liberty, as well as the Anna engine plant and the Russells Point transmission plant will have production reduced. Beginning Tuesday, affected plants will operate at 50 percent. There will be no production next Monday. “Depending on the duration of the parts shortage employees will have some choices," he said. For now, Abbruzzese said workers can choose to make up hours in other plants operations, like maintenance, use vacation time or take time off with no pay. Abbruzzese would not speculate what will happen if the labor dispute isn’t resolved within the week. He could not say how long it could take for plants to get caught up once parts are received.