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Redrawing Ohio Lawmakers' Districts Could Pass

Bills that could change the way lawmakers’ districts are drawn are being caught in the rush to pass legislation before the end of the year. Plans under discussion could undergo last minute changes before big votes today. There are two resolutions on redistricting in the Senate, both still in committee. But President Keith Faber said after Senate session yesterday that he still expects a floor vote on one of them today. “We still are looking forward to trying to get it done. I look forward to a bipartisan option. I think that the framework is still in place. We continue to try to work with various parties to try and get it to conclusion. It’s still my desire to get it done," says Faber. There’s also a resolution in the House that’s still in committee. Democrats in both chambers have expressed serious concerns about these plans, which they say don’t give the party in power enough incentive to draw lines fairly.