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Retailers To Use Social Media For Seasonal Hiring

People looking to get seasonal work often turn to the internet or the old-fashioned “want ads” for job postings. But this year, some retailers are taking a more proactive approach: social media ads. Retail analysts expect seasonal employment, this year, to be two to three times more than during the recession. To help fill those positions, some retailers, such as Macy’s based in Cincinnati, plan to use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to advertise work. Chris Boring is a partner with the Columbus retail analysis firm Boulevard Strategies. Boring said retailers have become more comfortable using social media. He said utilizing it to promote seasonal hiring will broaden a retailers’ reach, particularly to loyal customers who already have jobs. “It has an added benefit of also attracting people who are not necessarily in the labor market, but they enjoy being at that retailer anyway they might entertain the idea of hey why don’t I go work for them for six weeks and make a little extra money," Boring said.

Boring said using social media to advertise temporary work will connect retailers with their target audience: women. He adds females make up a majority of retail employees. “Over 90 percent of all women between 18 and 29 use social media. And it’s about 80 percent for women 30 – 49," Boring noted. "So I think it’s an effective way to reach their target groups for their seasonal employment.” Boring expects central Ohio retailers to hire as many as 5,000 temporary workers this holiday season, similar to last year’s numbers. He said wages will be in line with national figures between $9 and $10 an hour.