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Police: Columbus Man Killed, Buried Pregnant Girlfriend

Officials say a west Columbus man beat his pregnant girlfriend with a baseball bat, strangled her and buried her before leading police to the woman's body days later. Authorities say 22-year-old Jacob Ferrero killed his girlfriend Samantha Greenlee on Oct. 8. The 22-year-old Greenlee was three months pregnant with Ferrero's child. Ferrero told police he beat and strangled Greenlee, then buried her and burned the apartment they shared two days later. He led police to Greenlee's body near a church southeast of Columbus early Wednesday. Ferrero's been charged with murder and aggravated arson. He was scheduled to appear in court Thursday. Officials began questioning Ferrero when Greenlee's mother discovered on Oct. 14 that the couple's apartment had burned and Greenlee's car was still parked there.