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Reported Sexual Assaults Prompt OSU Safety Notice

After three reported week-end sexual assaults, Ohio State University campus police issued a safety alert for students and staff. Campus and Columbus police say none of the three assaults appears to be linked to a single suspect. The first assault was reported inside a south campus dorm. Hours later, two more attacks occurred off campus just east of High Street. OSU police say the two off-campus assaults "could present an ongoing threat." Freshman Milauni Mehta took quick notice of the crime alert. "I try not to go out at night by myself, maybe with two or three other people," says Mehta.

20 year old Sara Holt lives near campus east of High Street, she's not enrolled at OSU and did not receive the crime alert. She was glad to see more Columbus police patrolling the area. "I also carry a nightstick. My dad's very overprotective in a good way. So he bought me a nightstick because I walk to work by myself at two-thirty or four in the morning and that's always the worst hours," says Holt.

Columbus police added two patrol units to the campus area Monday in hopes of finding a suspect or suspects.