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TBDBITL Alumni Conduct Investigation Into Band Director’s Firing

Ohio State University Marching Band performs Script Ohio
OSUMB alumni look into the university's investigation that led to the band director's firing two weeks ago.

Two weeks after the Ohio State University Marching Band director was fired, some band alumni members announced they’re conducting their own investigation.

“His termination was unjust,” Gary Leppla, OSUMB alum, said.

Leppla said the university did not follow proper Title IX grievance procedures when it looked into complaints of sexual harassment in the band.

“Fair hearing for both the accused and the accuser. Other requirements…including the opportunity to present witnesses and other evidence,” he said. “We believe those guidelines need to be followed and weren’t followed under these circumstances.”

Leppla adds Jon Waters was not encouraged to have an attorney present when he was interviewed about the band’s culture.

Waters’ attorney David Axelrod claims his client’s due process rights were violated. And Axelrod said the university denied his request for a six-day reprieve to prepare and present Waters’ case.

The university has not answered WOSU’s inquiries regarding the allegations made by Leppla and Axelrod.