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Ohio Lawmaker Fights For Larger Minimum Wage Hike

Ohio’s minimum wage rises every year in tandem with inflation, but some lawmakers say the rate is still too low. One legislator wants to hike it up by more than two dollars. Democratic Representative Bob Hagan of Youngstown wants to increase Ohio’s minimum wage to $10.10. The current wage is at $7.95… but Hagan says that’s too low for families who are trying to pay for food and housing. One perception could be that a large portion of those on minimum wage are high schoolers, but the representative says teenagers only make up 12.5%. Hagan: “The rest are adults who are trying to make a living with their families. It’s increasingly more difficult to do that with what we’re giving them right now.â€? Though Hagan’s bill faces a Republican-controlled House, he says he’s encouraged that some high-profile conservatives such as former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney are coming out in support of raising the minimum wage.