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Circleville Inmate Jailed On Drug Charges Commits Suicide

Authorities say a man jailed on drug charges has committed suicide in a county jail in central Ohio. Raymond Tackett Jr. of Chillicothe was found hanging from a sheet in his cell at 4:33 a.m. Tuesday at the Pickaway County Jail in Circleville. Lt. Troy Rine, Pickaway County jail administrator, tells multiple media outlets that Tackett had showed no signs of being suicidal. The 32-year-old Tackett was pronounced dead at Berger Hospital in Circleville. Court records show Tackett was charged Dec. 20 with drug trafficking and possession of drugs and had a preliminary hearing scheduled for Monday. Tackett had also been arrested earlier this month in Ross County during a drug raid in which a woman was killed in an accidental shooting by a law-enforcement officer.