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Columbus Officers Deny Wrongdoing In Excessive Force Lawsuit

Columbus police officers accused of using excessive force on an Ohio State University student admit punching the young man up to seven times, spraying mace in his face, and hog-tying him, but say they did nothing wrong. In response to an October lawsuit filed by 21-year-old Joseph Hines, the officers say their actions came during an arrest and that they should be immune from being sued. The lawsuit accuses the officers of a "brutal, unjustified physical attack" on Aug. 29, 2012, that left Hines unconscious, led to a three-day hospitalization and caused permanent scarring. He's seeking a minimum of $75,000. Hines, of Jackson, Mich., was arrested after police say he was drinking beer with other students near Ohio State's student union. Hines denied drinking and pleaded guilty to littering.