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Congresswoman Beatty Undecided On Syrian Military Strike

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty of Columbus said she is still undecided on how the U. S. should respond to allegations the Syrian government launched a deadly chemical attack. Despite a classified briefing in Washington Tuesday, Beatty said she still does not have enough information to declare her vote on the use of military force in Syria. “Will there be mortalities? Probably," she said. "What are the numbers on that if we do ‘attack A’ versus ‘attack B?’â€? The first term Democrat also said she is concerned about what happens in the event Bashar al-Assad’s regime is overthrown. “So what are our strategies if we call this wrong and there is a change of regime? What are we then getting? Do we have enough organizational strategies that we can implement that the new person will be more moderate and work with the United States?â€? Beatty, also wants to know whether a diplomatic approach is a viable alternative. “Do we go back and take another shot at that?â€? Republican U. S. Congressmen Pat Tiberi and Steve Stivers say they will wait to review intelligence data before making a final decision. Stivers is concerned whether bombing Syria would cause Assad to abandon use of chemical weapons.