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ODOT: Slow Down In Construction Zones

The Ohio Department of Transportation this year has rolled out a new device to signal drivers to slow down in construction zones. Near the Weber Road entrance ramp to I-71 in Columbus, ODOT has placed a trailer showing reduced speed limits when construction workers are on site. The portable speed limit signs can be remotely programmed. That way, higher speeds are allowed when workers go home. ODOT has the portable speed signs in ten construction zones around the state, including two locations on Interstate 70 east and west of Columbus. Columbus Police Lieutenant, Brent Mull, says drivers will also see stricter enforcement of construction zone speed limits. “We like to use the motorcycles a little bit more because they can get in and out of traffic a little bit better. It doesn't take up as much room on the side of the road either like having a larger, Crown Vic on the side of the road." Says Mull. ODOT says speeding drivers are the top cause of accidents in construction zones. The most recent figures available count 16 construction zone fatalities in Ohio in 2011 compared to eight in 2009.