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Ohio Shale Firms, Activists Revisit Fracking Film In Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Ohio shale firms and anti-drilling activists are holding rival events sparked by a documentary against hydraulic fracturing. The Ohio Energy Resource Alliance, made up of oil and gas interests in the state, will screen the film "Truthland" at a Columbus science museum on Saturday. The film is a response to the 2010 HBO film "Gasland." It has become a cult film in the growing movement against hydraulic fracturing, the high-pressure oil and gas drilling technique also called fracking. The documentary by filmmaker Josh Fox features contaminated wells and illnesses as he visits regions where the shale drilling boon is beginning. Alliance's "Truthland" retraces Fox's steps and, the group says, tells a different story. Fox will headline an event Sunday at the Statehouse that's expected to draw 1,000 activists.