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Appeal Denied In fight Over New Ohio Jobs Agency

A state appeals court has rejected a lawsuit aimed at halting the activities of Ohio Gov. John Kasich's  new private job-creation entity called JobsOhio.

The 10th District Court of Appeals in Columbus on Thursday upheld a judge's decision to dismiss the challenge on the grounds that opponents didn't have legal standing.

The lawsuit was filed by state Sen. Mike Skindell and state Rep. Dennis Murray, both Democrats, and the liberal policy group ProgressOhio. They argued the way JobsOhio would handle public money was unconstitutional.

Brian Rothenberg of ProgressOhio says the group is reviewing the decision. He says many of the group's constitutional concerns were fixed as a result of the lawsuit.

The legal challenge has stalled JobsOhio's ability to obtain start-up money.

Republican Kasich praised the ruling.